» Comics - 6 - December 22nd, 2012, 1:55 pm

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KiyaChan, December 22nd, 2012, 1:58 pm ( Reply )

:( Image is extremely pixilated... can't see much of anything...

popcornxing, December 22nd, 2012, 2:05 pm ( Reply )

@KiyaChan: hi! I'm working on it for some reason the sites are running slow on me. and I'm working on fixing it I don't know why it saved or showed up that way I'm hoping it's fixed in a moment. ^-^"

KiyaChan, December 22nd, 2012, 2:06 pm ( Reply )

@popcornxing: kay ^^ good luck and can't wait to read it!

popcornxing, December 22nd, 2012, 2:10 pm ( Reply )

@KiyaChan: should be working now thanks for waiting.

KiyaChan, December 22nd, 2012, 2:17 pm ( Reply )

@popcornxing: hehe love this story so far!

renchikolul, December 23rd, 2012, 1:47 am ( Reply )

that alot of resentment coming from him. also sorry i havent updated it just as a college kid im debating on whether or not to take a second major. and if i do i need to rearrange each semestor to fix the classes xD.

popcornxing, December 23rd, 2012, 12:02 pm ( Reply )

@KiyaChan: thank you so much I'm glad you like it!

@renchikolul: yah there is. he's no very happy and he proble has a good reason for it. and that's fine come Januray I'll be really busy with school 6 courses so I might be MIA a lot. I hope things work out for you though.

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