» Comics - 15 - February 5th, 2013, 9:33 am

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Manga-Ka, February 6th, 2013, 1:31 am ( Reply )

I do like his ears, but I think Koto's ears are cooler :')

popcornxing, February 6th, 2013, 7:39 am ( Reply )

@Manga-Ka: lol, you like Koto's hears better huh? he basically stopped aging. it does, but I think sometimes because of how long the comic was is that it made it seem longer then it actually is, in time. Thank you very much for the sweet comment! I read it yesterday at school and it made me smile I'm very happy you enjoy the comic! and thank you I try to write good stories. although I get criticized for how I write stories too. I'm just glad that there are people that like it.^-^

Manga-Ka, February 6th, 2013, 8:18 am ( Reply )

@popcornxing: Haha, yeah, his ears I always liked them :') and the skin tone ^^
Well yeah it's a long comic but it's a good one ;')

Hm.. well.. every one can't like everything :') But I'm glad the comment made you happy. You know, this comic were the first bl I ever read, from the beginning I were really shocked and the violence scared me a bit (I were younger then) but the story were so good I couldn't stop read it D: I couldn't stop OAO' seriously, I love the up coming events and all.. but I do have problems with reading what........Appa? says xux' I just looked at the others faces to guess what he said x'D

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