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Manga-Ka, March 17th, 2013, 11:46 am ( Reply )

I think that Chucha, Koto and Za...I got problem with spelling his name..'' the phoenix looks about the same, which I like :'> Since they're mayor characters ^^

Hm.. Yeah, I do believe Koto's actual kindness is shown through the story, I could point out lots of them, but I wont since there's probably people that don't know the story yet x'P
But gotta say... first I liked Koto's design, then he were funny and then... he were a deep character.. I like that :'>
And Chucha... well.. some maybe didn't understand why he did stuff he did.. but I do believe that some of the stuff is because he sees through the other characters, and if the readers don't they can't see why he does it..'
But how ever all this will go.. I do enjoy it :'>

popcornxing, March 20th, 2013, 8:10 am ( Reply )

@Manga-Ka: wow that was long comment. it's really nice to see you can understand the characters well thank you so much for your wonderful words. his name is Zatucha. poor guy he got forgotten arleady? lol it's okay I'm glad you like him, I th ink most people don't like him. but I am happy you enjoy the comic!

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